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Our Mission

Our  team mission is to help over 10,000 families and clients reach their credit goals. 

Life can be full of ups and downs. Our goal is to help you and your family get up and stay up. We started this company because we have been there. We started this to help those who need the help. We focus on your needs and your goals. 




  Meet the owners below! Justin Allen and Sean Locklear are not only business partners but they are childhood friends. They have a background in dealing with over 1,000 clients combined and have contributed to those clients achieving their wants and needs. 


MD Credit was created because the need to educate and assist clients with their credit has never been more apparent. These two will do whatever it takes to help their clients succeed.  We love our clients more than anything. 

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Meet the owners and team below! 


Sean Locklear and Justin Allen – Owners 

Sean Locklear
Justin Allen
Co- Owner

Meet the sales team below! 

Peter, Bob, Maria, Rita, Marilyn, Scott, and Marc!  (pictures soon) 

Meet our Support Team! 

Aisha, Joe, Joseph, Mel, and Sheika!  (pictures soon)